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About mama G

Hi! I'm Mama Maite

I'm a full-time working millennial mom with two beautiful daughters. I know I'm not perfect, but I do know that I try my very best to be the ideal mom there is for my children. I know that being a mom is a 24/7 job and it really burns us out and exhausts everything that we have in ourselves, but I do know that unconditional love has no boundaries, no limits, no end, and it will be in me to have, to hold and to share. 

I know that there is just so much that I can give as a person, but I know that love goes a long way, and with love, nothing is impossible. And so the birth to Mommygives...aka Mama G, because I believe that being a mom is really not easy, but all moms should be given limitless opportunities to be able to enjoy this mommy life and to be able to share more joy, love and happiness to their children. I have been blessed with just enough, but I know that there is still just so much to share. And so the birth of paying it forward and sharing the love.

I am Mommygives aka Mama G. Paying it forward and sharing the love to fellow moms and their children is my advocacy. I am Mama Maite. I am a MOM.

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