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The PheNOMenal App That Serves It All Up For Filipino Foodies

If you’re a Filipino foodie who loves to share content about their latest culinary creation or enjoys hunting around social media for te newest food hacks, recipes, and trends,NOM is the app that will satisfy your cravings and cooking needs!

Media friends, influencers, and mall goers entered the NOM Universe: The Nom Gastronomical Food Fair last Feb. 11, 2023, at the Central Park of Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City. They didn’t just have a taste of the NOM app—they dug in!

Team NOM with Chef Tatung, Chef Gino, Media Friends and Influencers

As the 1st ever-food community platform, everyone was excited to experience the app for themselves. After all, everything a Filipino Foodie would want is in NOM. High-quality content about cooking and eating, members sharing their food creations, reading articles, recipes, and even forums to freely and safely share ideas and opinions, even swap recipes or hacks! And the more you use NOM, it loves you back—its loyalty program

rewards you for what you create, share, and buy within the app and even when you refer friends! With each point you earn, you can exchange it to get vouchers for GCash or Shopee–real life money for just having fun with NOM!

While NOM was more than enough to keep attendees busy, the NOM Universe brimmed with larger-than-life photo ops, awesome interactive areas, plus an unforgettable showdown from two of the most recognizable chefs in the country.

After registering and downloading the NOM app, each attendee received an eventpassport

that gave them access to all the different areas within the NOM Universe. There was no shortage of spaces perfect for pictures to stop that thumb, likea giant 3D photo wall, an Egg & Bacon installation, all there for you to get snapped in the most creative poses possible! Attendees also enjoyed some teaser tidbits of what to expect in the NOM app at the event, with an interactive recipe wall where you can scan a QR code that leads you to the recipe in-app, and the FreeNOM Wall, which posted a question of the hour, much like what you can do in the app, too. Those who finished all the different activitiesgot thechance to spin the Wheel of Nom for a prize!

The NOM app experience that night wouldn’t have been as enjoyable if it weren’t for the Shop area, which showed off appliances, kitchenware, and ingredients, mimicking the Shop tab in the NOM app where you can easily purchase the items you need to create delicious dishes.The Discover area had live cooking stations featuring some restaurants whipping up new foodiescoveries and crowd faves!

The night's highlight was the Chef Showdown between Chef Tatung Sarthou and Chef Gino Gonzales—both mighty chefs able to take the heat in the kitchen! It was the ultimate battle of the NOMs when each chef had 30 minutesto create a meal! The crowd's excitement ran as high as the chefs’ creativity and skill, and The NOMunity—the community of NOM app users—had their work cut out for them in choosing a winner.

Chef Tatung Sarthou cooked Gambas Pasta
Chef Gino Gonzales made a Beef & Mushroom Salpicao

After the heat of the competition cooled off, attendees danced their heartsout tothe out-of-this-world live DJ set of Abdel Azis as they checked out the most snap-worthy spot that garnered them the win for the best NOMfie!

Filipino Foodies should not miss out on this pheNOMenal opportunity to bond with a community that shares their love and obsession with food. Get access to the movers and shakers of the Filipino food industry, plus one of the most recognizable celebrities in the Philippines–the unkabogable Vice Ganda! Watch five full episodes of Vice Ganda and Chef Tatung prep, create, and LOL in the kitchen, exclusively in the NOM app!

Experience the latest Foodie PheNOMenon.#NOMNOMNOM your way through food and enjoy the best digital culinary experience with NOM,#TheEatersGuideToTheUniverse.

Download NOM on Google Store and the App Store! And visit NOM social media accounts:



TikTok: @nom_ph

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Elleen Blas
Elleen Blas
Mar 27, 2023

The best app for all foodies mag eenjoy lahat sa NOM

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