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The #1 Trusted Medicine for Fever & Pain for Children, Tempra

As mothers, we are the most paranoid and worried whenever our children gets sick. But gone are those days that we we feel so helpless and fully dependent on clinics and hospitals. Today, as parents, we are empowered and confident with ourselves with regards to what to give our children when they are feeling under the weather.

Especially during this time where there is a health crisis, we have evolved to become independent and learned how to give first aid treatment in the comfort of our homes whenever our children needed it. And Tempra has made this possible.

Tempra has always been present whenever my children have fever and minor aches and pains. It really is very effective and definitely has fast relief. And this is exactly why it is very important, especially during this pandemic, where we try to avoid going to the pharmacies, drugstores and hospitals, that we need to stock up Tempra in our medicine cabinets so that first aid treatment will be possible. Tempra in our homes definitely acts as our reliable partner whenever our children gets sick! So when they are feeling under the weather and have mild to high fever, or are experiencing any body pains, I immediately give them Tempra Paracetamol.

And things just got better because today, we can now also use the newest product of Tempra too, and that is the Tempra Cool Touch! And doing this never fails to make my children feel better faster! That is why mommies, no need to be stressed out or to panick anymore! Just remember, when it comes to giving the right medication for your kid, #DapatTempra ang gamit!

Allow me to share more details on these two amazing products:

*Tempra Cool Touch

#1 THE NEWEST FEVER PATCH/COOL GEL PATCH Introduce Tempra Cool Touch as the newest fever patch/cool gel patch in the market from the makers Tempra, the trusted Paracetamol brand for children.


Tempra Cool Touch is the new partner of Tempra Paracetamol in combating fever of kids


Tempra Cool Touch cooling effect is sustained from night until morning and lasts up to 10 hours per sheet.

*Tempra Paracetamol


Tempra contains 100% dissolved paracetamol in a no-shake formula syrup that ensures fast, convenient, and consistent Efficacy.


When it comes to fever and pain medicine for their kids, moms don’t need to settle for one benefit. They can have it all, efficacy and flavor, with Tempra, the number 1 pain and fever medicine for children.

For Babies
For Kids

And don't worry, you can use both because these products complement each other. You can be worry-free in using both products at the same time because Tempra Paracetamol is perfect for systemic medication while Tempra Cool is additional physical intervention.

Tempra products can be found in all @watsonsph, South Star Drug and Rose Pharmacy branches nationwide.

For me, Tempra has been tried and tested. That is why I agree that it is definitely the #1 pain and fever medicine for our children!

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Aproved na approved natin mga mommies ito, certified a #TempraMom. Good thing that they have cool patches na din po :)


Dec 24, 2020

Mukhang maganda po ito gamitin ang bago ni Tempra na Cool Touch. Just like Tempre na oral medications surely magiging mabisa po ito sa mga kids natin kapag may fever po sila.


Thanks for showing us the new product of tempra. Madami na mommy na tempra ang gamit. Lalo na ngayon flu season. Stay safe sa lahat ng mommies and to your family 😊

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