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Salmon HQ: Healthy Food Perfect for a Salu-Salo!

I just found the perfect, ultimate, showstopping, nutritious and healthy salu-salo food! Sharing with you the most unique, most generous, most creative and most flavorful sashimi and baked sushi that are just too pretty and are more enjoyable to eat with your friends and family.

It has been more than a year since the pandemic started and more or less, we can say that we have adjusted to the said Covid-19 health crisis. We have been accustomed to practicing safety measures and have been doing our part in keeping ourselves and our loved ones protected and healthy. Wearing of face masks/face shields/PPE's, keeping our hands properly clean all the time, applying of alcohol and using of disinfectants, and taking our daily vitamins, minerals and immunity boosters are just some of the things that we do in our fight against the said virus. But another major solution to being safe is simply staying at home. And staying at home means being with the family, and for us Filipinos, where food has always been an important part of our Philippine culture, eating with the family brings a sense of togetherness and gives a feeling of love. That is why Salmon HQ is perfect because it promotes healthy eating and is definitely the healthier food option made available for us to serve during daily family lunches or dinners, or even during simple or big salu-salo's being celebrated at home.

Salmon HQ offers a wide menu, including their best selling seafood, sushi, sashimi, tempura, nigiri, sushi bake, poké bake, seafood platters, salmon and tuna cakes and many more. And it is a fact that seafood, specifically salmon, is a major source of healthy omega-3 which boosts the immune system. And this is exactly what we need during this time of pandemic.

The Premium Salmon Sashimi Cake from Salmon HQ is definitely mind blowing and simply makes everyone smile! Aside from it looking so uniquely beautiful for the pictures and making every celebration more special, their thick cut salmon sashimi is of premium quality and is really so fresh and tasty! Plus you will get a surprise inside because hidden inside the salmon is Premium Kani wth Ebiko, Premium Salmon, Chuka Wakami and Sushi rice! This definitely makes it to the top of our list of must-try special cakes which makes every salu-salo more special and interestingly fun! Loaded with generous premium ingredients and will perfectly satisfy your sashimi cravings! Priced at only P1,200, this savory cake is a big win for every occasion!

Now Salmon HQ gives us a different take on baked sushi, by making it more unique and more enjoyable to eat! Instead of focusing only in including raw seafood in baked sushi, they have different cooked seafood ingredients which load up the baked sushi! Yes loaded indeed because of the generous servings of seafood that you will get in every bite! They have different variants of baked sushi and I suggest you try out the following:

a) Crunchy California Bake - very addictive especially when paired with nori! It was so flavorful and it definitely had a generous amount of kani, mango bits and tempura batter, which we all love!

b) Unagi Madness Sushi Bake - Luxury in every bite indeed! We just love how tasty the unagi is and when paired with nori, just gives you a party of flavors!

c) Aburi Scallops Salmon Ebi Sushi Bake - this we gave a 10/10 because it had lots of flavor which was a mixture of so many ingredients and seafood that perfectly matched when eaten altogether! Shrimps, scallops, salmon, it, this has it, and a lot of it! And we loved how everything was cooked!

d) Soft Shell Crab - even if it had a little wasabi spice in it, my kids loved this! They enjoyed the crunchyness of the crab shell which they enjoyed with the overall spiciness and sweetness of the delicious secret sauce!

And last, but definitely not the least, is their Seafood Wafu Pasta which everyone immediately fell in love with because first, it had a generous amount of seafood toppings. Second, the seafood are so fresh and tasty since it was mixed in a light sauce that made the flavor of the shrimps, salmon, and scallops pop! My kids enjoyed it and the noodles were cooked perfectly!

Even if there are no specific food that can cure or even just prevent the virus, we must always take into account the importance of boosting our immune system by choosing healthy and nutritious food options for our families and loved ones. For seafood lovers out there, and for those who wants to enjoy fresh and premium seafood quality, Salmon HQ is it. They have proven themselves to serve amazing, unique and flavorful Japanese food perfect for salu-salo's, and at the same time, perfect for our health.

Searching for food that is both delicious and healthy? Then better check out their instagram page @salmon.hq now and make your salu-salo with friends and family healthier, tastier and unforgettable!

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