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Pynocare Reaches Deep to Let the Light In!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

You may suspect that you simply have freckles or you are currently going through a normal stage in your life when dark spots and skin discoloration appears on your skin, especially on your face. You may think that this is just a phase that will heal in time, or you may think the opposite and instead, have simply accepted that these newly acquired skin flaws are already part of you because they are untreatable. That is why it is very important to know the causes of these dark spots or darkened areas on your face and body because knowing what skin concern you have will help you treat them.

Read on to learn:

*what are the causes of dark spots and skin discoloration

*what to do to take care of your skin

*what is Melasma and how to treat this

*what is Pynocare and why this is the best solution to our skin concerns

Causes of dark spots and skin discoloration on face and body

No matter how much you take care of your skin, some skin flaws and imperfections are just unavoidable. Because of the different factors that causes the dark spots and uneven skin tone, you may show off a dull, aged, and tired look, instead of showing a glowing and brighter skin with even skin color!

Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, is due to the overproduction of a brown pigment called melanin. This happens when there is an excessive exposure to the sun, injury and inflammation on skin caused by continuous picking of pimples or acne, eczema flare-ups, or simply due hormonal changes which commonly happens during pregnancy or because of natural aging.

The question here is, how can we treat these dark spots and skin discoloration? Here are some skin care tips which you can practice on a daily basis.

Skin care tips

Aside from getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, taking your daily vitamins, minerals and supplements, and staying hydrated, there are other natural ways to achieve a more beautiful skin and prevent the creation of dark spots and skin discoloration.

  1. Cleanse - always see to it that you have a clean face. This can be done by washing your face with a cleanser that will not dry up your face and does not leave your skin tight after washing. Be sure to remove all the dirt to avoid clogging up of your skin pores and prevent the formation of pimples.

  2. Moisturize - skin that is kept hydrated is a healthy one. That is why it is important to use moisturizers that is easily absorbed by our skin. Good moisturizers are those that are lightweight, sensitive to your skin and doesn't block your pores.

  3. Use sunscreen - the use of sunscreen is very important in preventing hyperpigmentation which is very hard to treat. You can use sunscreen every day to prevent your skin from being exposed the the harmful UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun. There are a wide range of sunscreen products to choose from and these are commonly in creams, lotions or even spray-on formulas which are applied topically to the skin.

All of the aforementioned skin care treatments are just topically applied. Are these enough to reduce and remove all of our dark spots or dark patches on our skin?

Melasma and it's treatment

Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder that causes brown-black or gray patches to appear on the skin, primarily more common on the faces of women. This is caused and triggered by hormonal factors or hormonal influences and changes which usually happens during pregnancy, exposure to UV, free radicals and harsh cosmetics. Unlike other skin discoloration and skin concerns, melasma is harder to treat and takes longer to lighten because it starts from within. We can treat melasma with special products that are clinically tested and recommended. Since melasma starts from within, it needs a special solution that goes way beyond topical. One amazing product that has been tried, tested and has been proven to treat melasma is Pynocare.

Pynocare as the best solution to Melasma

Pynocare is the clinically proven solution to melasma. It has MSCC (Melasma Skin Clear Complexion) Complex Actisome, that fights the damaging free radicals and controls the overproduction of melanin to normal level in skin cells, resulting to lightening and 85% reduction of size and intensity of Melasma in just 8 weeks! It is very safe, effective, FDA approved and easily accessible because it is an over-the-counter drug! Just take one capsule twice daily after a meal and you will see the effective visible results for at least eight weeks! More than this, because of its powerful antioxidant properties, Pynocare can even help reduce visible signs of aging! Remember, the longer you take Pynocare, the more your skin will benefit from it. So what's stopping you?

Defy age and reduce dark spots, skin discoloration and pigmentation with Pynocare. I tried this out because it was safe, FDA approved and is an over-the-counter drug and the result? 85% efficacy within 8 weeks! My dark spots lessened and I feel more confident in my beautiful and flawless skin!

Do you want to reduce your visible signs of aging and treat your melasma? Choose the safe, natural and convenient way to #LetTheLightIn , choose Pynocare.

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24 de set. de 2021

Pynocare is LIFE 💙 I'd love to have a self care box from pynocare too. I heard a lot of good reviews about them and yours is the best Ma'am Maite. You've explain everything about their products. And you're the living proof of all your endorsements. Kaya talagang mapapabili rin kami always. To achieve your skin manlang. Always younger looking and beautiful. 🥰 This is what I need. What moms like us needs. We need some beauty regimen and I know that pynocare can take care of it. I have dark spots and hormonal changes talaga that I need to check on. I love that pynocare is FDA approved. Will buy this na. Mapapa #LetTheLightIn na din me. 💙 Tha…


Super Ganda tong products NATO ... I really want to try this .. madami akong skin problem so I want to glow more ... Lalo na SA under eye ko nagdadark siya dahil SA pagpupuyat .. I feel Haggard na ... I think nakakatulong si pynocare SA pag glow ko at mawala mga problem ko .. para Naman magkaroon ako ng self confidence ... Thanks for sharing this Mommy maite ... GodBless ♥️ and stay safe po ... 😍😍😍


Super Nice product naman ito Perfect satin mga Mommies , gusto ko dn matry to Para maging smooth and glowing , lalo na ako lagi am haggard at pati na din sa puyat ,I think makakatulong ito sakin Kaya iittry ko to safe product pa kaya di nakakabhala gamitin. Look naman oh resulta sayo ng Pynocare Mommy You look so Fresh and glowinh Very Pretty .. I hope soon matry ko dn to product nato.thanks for sharing This Mommy Maite 😊


Janine Zapiter
Janine Zapiter
23 de set. de 2021

I really want to try this mommy , I have insecurities bcoz of my dark under eyes ,this one may take my spots , really need this 🥰 Lalu natayung mga mommies n tlga nmang ,nandun n sa stage Ng aging ,bagay n bagay toh 🥰


judylyn padilla
judylyn padilla
23 de set. de 2021

This product is must try momy maite , need talaga natin to pra maalagaan ang ating sarili .. ang dami kong dark spots kaya kilangan kilangan ko to mommy .thank you for sharing this mommy maite .. you are so beautiful 😍

Pynocare is approved by FDA kaya safe na product .very recommended ..

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