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PROMIL FOUR's i-Shine Talent Camp Nurtures the Gift

Most school programs end in March and what happens in summer? That is the usual dilemma of most parents who are stuck with the question of what their children will do while on a summer break.

Do you want your kids to just stay at home glued to the television, iPads, cellphones or any other gadget there is? Instead of giving in to their growing addiction to gadgets, isn't it better that they spend their quality time interacting with other kids and learning thru fun interactive ways?

Wouldn't you want to invest instead on a program that will help your children discover their talents and offer intricately designed activities that will develop and nurture your children's gifts?

As a full-time working mom, when the summer season nears, I usually start researching and delving into the world of summer camps. Why summer camps? Because by engaging them in these camps, my children gets to realize what they really enjoy doing. More than that, their social skills are being developed as they are given the chance to interact and have fun with other kids.

Knowing this, here comes the real dilemma. The problem of choosing the right camp that best suits our children. What camp is worth every centavo spent on it? What camp is a perfect fit for our children? What camp has notable mentors? What camp will bring out the best that our children can be?

Promil Four fully supports us parents by continuing to offer our children the chance to join fun and interactive workshops thru their i-Shine Talent Camp. As it steps into its 8th Season, this summer talent camp has undoubtedly established its good reputation in nurturing the gifts of our children.

PROMIL FOUR's i-Shine 8 Talent camp provides us a summer talent camp with a variety of camp options to choose from. What makes this a good choice is that the mentors per talent camp are very much know in their respective fields. They are the country's masters.


- headed by the famous painter and award-winning graphic artist, master crafter and co-owner of Papemelroti, Robert Alejandro

- with the Arts Director and Co-Founder of Masterpiece Movement, Teacher Kara ERscay

- the young artists will be taught in Diliman's own Papemelroti branch


- headed by the renowned prima ballerina and artistic directress of Ballet Manila, Lisa Macuha-Elizalde

- the students will lear from Ballet Manila with the world-renowned Imperial Russian Ballet


- headed by the one and only celebrity choreographer and artistic Director of G-Force, Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy

- the G-Force family will be holding the i-Shine Dance Camp at the G-Force Dance Centers in Filinvest, Alabang and in their Tomas Morato branch in Quezon City

- since my daughter loves dancing, she chose the dance camp! Sharing to you some of the pictures of my daughter with teacher Georcelle and the G-Force


- headed by the national artist and President of the Music School, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab

- the budding musicians will learn at the Music School of Ryan Cayabyab

With my daughter Franky, 8 years old


- headed by the veteran theater actor and President of Trumpets Playshop, Audie Gemora

- the young actors will be guided with the help of the theater group, and these children will be taught everything about acting on the stage together with Audi Gemora's Trumpets Playshop

This prestigious camp can be joined by children aged 6 to 11 years old. After the sessions, all the students will be showing off their gifts and talents in a grand talent show and a major production which their families and friends can witness and enjoy!

So parents, what are you waiting for? Give your children a fun and interactive learning experience this summer! Find an i-Shine Summer Talent Camp near you now, nurture their gifts and help them shine!

Hurry because classes starts this April 13, 2020! With your support, you can unlock and nurture your child's gifts, gifts that will bring out the best in them!

Enrollment ongoing. You may enroll your children (ages 6-11 years old) now via Ticketworld. For more details regarding the program and registration, you may also log on to

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Jul 30, 2020

Pag malaki na si baby sana po ma enjoy niya rin mga activities tulad po nito 🥰🥰🥰💗💗💗

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