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"Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook Captures the Milestones of Your Child’s Journey"

As your child grows up, they show several advancements with regards to learning and development. They eventually show us their special gifts and talents, and as parents, when we witness these big moments, it definitely sparks up joy and rouses different feelings we never knew existed and simply just can’t explain. Every time we see a particular development in our children and discover that they have a special gift, we feel a sense of pride, we develop confidence towards our children, we feel a deeper love for them, and our instinct as parents is to have that urge to be more responsible in caring, nourishing and supporting their talents more so that they may reach their full development and potential.

That is why being a mother is the most unexplainable emotion in the world. Unexplainable in a sense that we don’t make a list of our efforts on how we brought up our children, nor do we take note of everything that we did to help them develop and discover their gifts. Our children’s milestone is definitely memorable and that is why it is very important to capture these precious moments, more so, preserve them in a beautiful way that we can cherish forever.

First Dibs on Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook

Do you have a gifted child? Have you spotted and discovered their innate gifts already? More importantly, have you captured and preserved their milestones? I am proud to say that Rafie, my three-year-old daughter, is a gifted child and I am very lucky to have first dibs on the newest and most beautiful photobook that I ever laid eyes on, Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook!

I highly recommend this photobook because of the following reasons:

  1. Production is of really good quality

    1. Printed on quality paper, printing is bookstore-quality and ink they used are long-lasting colors and has a very sharp finish, very fine print

    2. Binding of the photobook is professionally done

    3. Excellent finish

  2. Customized and Personalized

    1. Personal photos were used

    2. Layout and design is child-friendly and appropriate to childs’ age (type of font and font color matched a child’s preference)

    3. Lovely size and definitely personalized because it was small enough for my child’s little hands and so easy to turn, but sturdy enough for them to safely keep turning the pages

  3. Very Organized and Appealing

    1. Well-thought out and beautifully created front cover, inside pages and back cover

    2. Not just like any other album because it shows an organized flow of events, from the first time I spotted my child’s gift, to how I nurtured her gifts and how I let these gifts shine

  4. Definitely a personal and lovely gift to us parents and to our babies

    1. When they grow up, they will see their milestones. More importantly, through the captured moments in the photobook, they will see that in their milestone, we were present and we gave them love, guidance and support

    2. Such a lovely keepsake that successfully captured and preserved her milestones, just the perfect thing that reminds me and my child everyday of me and her in her journey.

Let Them Shine

The child-parent relationship is one of the most important influences on our child’s learning and development, more so, it has a major direct influence on our child’s life. That is why we consider the early years of a child’s life as very important because this is when our child’s brain develops more and faster than any other time in his life. This is also the time in their lives where they start to discover their gifts. Knowing this, we can say that this is the best time for us parents to help them in their growth and development. How they were raised, loved, cared for, nourished, guided and supported by us parents plays a very crucial role in developing and honing their behavior, talents and special gifts. What we have to keep in mind, as parents, is that nurturing their gifts will eventually help them shine and succeed in life. That is why nurturing our child’s gift today would mean that we are simultaneously nurturing and preparing them for their future.

Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook Shows our Child’s Growth

The Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook definitely reminded me of my relationship with my child. More than the memories and experiences we had together captured in a beautiful print, this photobook vividly shows my child’s growth in multiple ways. It has shown me that Rafie, my three-year-old daughter, is very creative and has loved the arts ever since. And as I skim through the lovely pages of this photobook, I realized that she has been playing with toys that nourish her creative juices more, that she loves to sing and compose her own songs, that she is in love with colorful things and chooses to do a lot of arts and crafts. Rafie has grown to be a young artist and I believe that this gift was nurtured.

Seeing this made me realize that we, as parents, should continue to nurture our child’s growth. Firstly, by always making them feel well-loved and that oftentimes starts by consistently saying “I love you and giving them gently but tight hugs. This way they will be able to feel the warmth of our love and are comforted by it. In effect, they will grow up to be happy kids with a positive outlook in life. Secondly, we can further nurture their growth by cultivating their desire for learning, and that is possible when we provide a healthy learning environment for them. We can support their learning journey by providing them the materials that can help them realize their interests, be it arts and crafts materials, books, music, engaging activities, sports, etc. By providing them these different avenues, we are giving them their space and allowing them to explore on their own what their innate gifts are. And lastly, to nurture their growth, we will give our child the proper nourishment that they need to better help their growth and mental development.

You Can Have Your Own Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook, Avail PROMO Now!

Good news mommies! You too may also get a FREE #NurtureThe Gift Photo Book! All you need to do is to visit the Promil Four website to register

Here are the mechanics for you to get hold of your very own Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook:

1. To join the Promo, eligible participants must register on the Promil Four website. Take and complete the Promil Four Spot The Gift test. (Only parents/guardians with children 3 years old and above are allowed to register and take the Promil Four Spot The Gift test and join the promo).

2. Participants must purchase Php 3,500 worth of Promil Four 1.8kg from any select Robinsons Supermarket Branches Metro Manila during the Promo Period.

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Marycor Valencia
Marycor Valencia
Aug 20, 2020

I also love photobook kasi it makes me go back to the time where I can reminisce every precious moments with my love ones.


It really pays off to give the best growing up milk to our kids. It’s an investment for their bright future.

Collecting Photobooks is my new found hobby too. Love documenting milestones achieved by my children.


Aug 20, 2020

This is a MOMMY and BABY MUST HAVE! Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook is a good deal. Wanna have one too for my daughter. Total Package indeed! Pretty Mommy Maite and Rafie! Thanks for sharing this ♥️♥️♥️


Ang ganda naman nito, agree with you mare, dapat talaga priority natin ang mga kids kahit gaano pa tayo ka busy :)


anj delos santos
anj delos santos
Aug 19, 2020

Hi Rafie! You’re so pretty like mommy ❤️ We love Photobook too!

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