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Meiji Brings Christmas Joy with Discounts up to 30% off

Satisfy your Meiji chocolate cravings by ordering on Shopee thru the Express Delivery!

My kids and I are so addicted to Meiji especially now that it's the Christmas season, eating our favorite Meiji chocolate snacks is so comforting and enjoyable! From generation to generation, Meiji chocolate snacks have been part of my family's favorite snacks!

Good news Meiji brings joy to all of us this Christmas by giving us discounts at Shopee on our favorite childhood snacks with up to 30% off today!

I remember that even when I was still young, Meiji has already been my favorite snack for recess time at school and up until now, my children loves these Meiji snacks as well and we just enjoy munching on these goodies together! These are super delicious and yummy and it simply satisfies our chocolate cravings! Good thing that we can now order through the express delivery for all Meiji products so if we have chocolate cravings, we simply order through express delivery and in 2-3 days our Meiji cravings are satisfied! This is available only to Metro Manila and selected parts of Luzon.

Here are some Meiji products that you and your kids will definitely love:

*Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box 260g which includes the following:

4 foil bags of Chocolate Flavor (26g each),

3 foil bags of Strawberry Flavor (26g each),

3 foil bags of Milk Flavor (26g each)

*Order thru this Express delivery link:

*Or order here for regular delivery:

*Meiji Almond Black Chocolate 58g (Set of 5)

-love the nuts mixed with dark chocolate that is really so yummy

*Order thru this Express delivery link:

*Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5)

- this is a delicious biscuit sticks dipped in rich chocolate cream

*Order thru this Express delivery link:

Hurry and grab these Meiji Chocolates now at @shopee_ph !!!

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