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Love NEVER says, I have loved enough.

I never thought that I will be doing this...writing to express my thoughts and my feelings. From the moment that I conceived my firstborn, I rarely had time for myself...I instantly became someone I never trained for, I immediately became a mom. And being a mom means giving your everything to your child, your time, your energy, your personality and your whole self, just so that you can at least try to be the best mom that you can be to your little one. Especially in my case, my first child was unexpectedly given to me. Unexpected, but definitely a blessing. And the moment I received that blessing, I promised her that she will only know love. And because of that, I tried my best to give her everything and that includes myself. Now my firstborn is 8 years old and I have been blessed with another girl, currently she is 2 years old.

My 2 beautiful daughters, Franky and baby Rafie

Life has been easy and kind to us, most of the time we are simply content and happy. But there came a time that I looked deeper into my life and realised that even though I am on top of the world, there is still something inside that feels empty. And so I asked myself, what can be missing? I thought that once you have your children you will already feel complete. And that's when it hit me. What was missing in my life is an act of faith and courage to build and write my own story. Something out of my comfort zone, something that required me to push myself more, something that will make me struggle to feel more complete, something that is bigger than my world. Something that asking me to be someone more, someone who is more than being a mom. And that something eventually gave birth to the creation of "mommygives" a.k.a "mamaG".

This is an avatar of mamaG to keep my identity secret. Our tagline and advocacy is to "Share the Love!"

"Mommygives a.k.a mamaG" actually started last Dec. 1, 2018 with "25 Days of Christmas" wherein a group of mommies shared the Christmas love and spirit to fellow moms by giving out preloved and brand new items for both mom and their children. Everything is free and the mission was to simply share the love and the vision is to simply be able to achieve the concept of "paying it forward." And so, we started posting the free items in both our FB mamaG account and IG @mommygives account. In choosing the winners, we asked heartfelt questions towards the moms of the community, questions which we believe are the frequently asked questions of moms. Sometimes, we would asked the moms to give words of wisdom and love letters towards their children, towards oneself or towards other moms, which in one way or another, we somehow believed, may empower and support their fellow moms who are reading their answers. And then came in the mompreneurs who just wanted to share the love to the mamaG community and sponsored some items to be given away as a mamaG giveaway to fellow moms. And then came in stay at home moms, who simply just wanted to share their children's clothes, toys, baby essentials, and even their personal mom stuffs. And here we saw the success of mamaG. Several moms learned to share the love and pay it forward. Up until the time that we were able to receive more than enough items that we decided to carry out our 1st outreach program in Lupang Arinda, a depressed community in Taytay Rizal. We were able to feed and donate many items to 100 moms and 100 children.

The outreach program was a big success since several mamaG moms took part in sharing the love either thru their donations or even thru their show of support. As the months passed by, we continued carrying out our online sharing the love and paying it forward advocacy. Currently, we are preparing for our 2nd outreach program to be held at Napico Manggahan, Pasig City, another depressed area where moms and their children would definitely appreciate some love from us moms. And after that, mamaG will definitely continue to be mommygives, to show others that even if we are already moms, we can still give, we can still share some more love, we can still pay it forward. Because after everything that we have already done, still...Love never says, I have loved enough.

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