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Get Nursery Van Store Voucher When You Join Shopee Mom’s Club

Enjoy huge discounts up to 50% off with Nursery Van at Shopee Mom's Club!

Nursery Van is a one-stop-shop for baby and mother essentials. It has different products from baby laundry, bottle wash, personal care, home care, oral care, and insect repellants. And one of the major brands that it includes is our favorite and trusted brand, Cradle, which now offers a brand exclusive discount! You can now avail Cradle at discounted prices once you become a Shopee Mom's Club Member!

Shopee Mom's Club is a community created to provide the best deals, so parents and soon-to-be parents can give the best to their children. When you join the Shopee Mom's Club, you automatically enjoy a lot of perks of the club! As a member, you will receive a Welcome Gift, Exclusive Discounts & Vouchers. Also, you have access finding easily your favorite mom and baby items through their Curated Collections. And lastly, you can also enjoy their Mom-centric Livestream topics!

Good news mommies because when you become a Shopee Mom’s Club member now, you can enjoy huge discounts up to 50% off with Nursery Van at Shopee Mom's Club on Nov 22! Just sign-up at to get your exclusive deal from Nursery Van!

Cradle is a line of natural-based and non-toxic cleansers and disinfectants that safely yet effectively kills 99% of disease causing bacteria without the harmful & toxic chemicals. The Cradle Natural bottle wash & nipple cleanser is 100% natural-based cleanser that's certified non-toxic and edible, yet kills 99% of disease causing germs and bacteria making it safe for your little one. This is the first and only USDA Biopreferred certified baby bottle wash in the country, meaning it's 100% natural and petroleum free, making it safe not only for your baby but for the environment too. Their non-toxic and edible formula has absolutely no unnecessary ingredients included. As tested by the SGS group, the leading testing, certification and verifications company. It is certified tough on removing milk residue! But can also be used on breast pump accessories and for washing of fruits and vegetables!"

Get the Nursery Van Store Voucher by joining the Shopee Mom's Club now which is available from November 22, 2021 until December 13, 2021 and valid only on Nursery Van Store. Here are the links to direct you to these Cradle products:

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