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Forever Living C9 Program Helps Lose Weight Fast!

There are a lot of popular ways to detox, and I have tried a lot and failed. Detoxification, or detox, is the process of letting the body remove the drugs, toxin substances and impurities in it. It is usually done so that we can cleanse our bodies and have a more rejuvenated, healthier and cleaner body. Our bodies naturally detoxifies, but we can actually help our bodies detoxify by drinking special healthy drinks that helps push toxins out of our body system, by fasting and doing a water diet, by drinking laxatives, eating food which is high in fiber or drinking supplements that are antioxidants.

All of these may be an effective way in helping you to detoxify your body, but, it may also be not. It actually depends on one's commitment and may even be a case to case basis, depending on your will power and body.

Sharing with you a certified effective option that cleansed my gut, detoxified my body, and made me lose 17.5 pounds in just 9 days! Here is Forever Living Clean 9 (C9) Program and this challenge changed my life and my lifestyle.

Contents of the C9 kit:

  1. Forever Therm - formulated with vitamins to provide supplemented support while achieving your diet and lifestyle goals. It helps turn body fat into energy.

  2. Forever Lite Ultra - provides 24g of protein per serving, vitamins and minerals. It is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors

  3. Forever Aloe Berry Nectar - aids in cleansing the liver which helps detoxify the skin. I also helps cleanse the kidneys. Plus all the benefits of Aloe Vera.

  4. Forever Garcinia Plus - high in chornium which helps with healthy macronutrient metabolism. It contains Garcinia.

  5. Forever Fiber - designed for digestive health and is high in fiber and low in saturated fat

  6. Cloth measuring tape and C9 Brochure

My C9 Program Experience

The C9 program may seem very hard for the first 2 days, but once you commit to it and make it a habit, Day 3 until Day 9 will be a breeze. Plus, you will be more excited to finish the program because after Day 2, you will immediately see amazing results which makes you want to keep going!

Day 1 and 2 was a little tough for me because I love eating, and yes I love bread, rice and sweets! But after weighing in, taking down my body measurements and taking a picture of my whole body, I was 101% decided to commit to the C9 program and transform myself into a healthier, more beautiful version of myself. Every time I would drink my C9 products and look away from the food at the table, I would try to resist the temptation and remind myself how unhealthy looking and borderline obese I currently am. And every time I would step on that treadmill and walk, I would stare at my picture and remind myself to walk even more so that I can achieve that change which will make me feel and look healthier. So on day 3 until day 9, food at the table even all the sweets meant nothing to me. I chose C9!

Yes, mind over matter and I just needed the right intentions so that I will be 101% committed to the C9 Program. And what were my goals and intentions? To become a healthier, more energized, more fit mom, so that I can give my 100% love and energy to my husband and 2 girls. I needed to be healthy and fit for them, so that I can fully enjoy life as a mother.

My Program for Day 1 & 2

Breakfast: 2x Forever Garcinia Plus, 4 oz. Aloe Vera Drink, Forever Therm, Exercise on treadmill

Snack: Forever Fiber

Lunch: 2x Forever Garcinia Plus, 4 oz. Aloe Vera Drink, 1x scoop Forever Lite Ultra, Forever Therm

Dinner: 2x Forever Garcinia Plus, 4 oz, Aloe Vera Drink

Evening: 4 oz. Aloe Vera Drink

My Program for Day 3 until Day 9

Breakfast: 2x Forever Garcinia Plus, 4 oz. Aloe Vera Drink, 1x Scoop Forever Lite Ultra, Forever Therm

Snack: Forever Fiber

Lunch: 2x Forever Garcinia Plus, 4 oz. Aloe Vera Drink, 1x scoop Forever Lite Ultra, Forever Therm, 30 minutes - 1 hour brisk walking on the treadmill

Dinner: 2x Forever Garcinia Plus, 4 oz, Aloe Vera Drink, you can now choose to eat a 600 calorie meal, but I didn't.

Evening: minimum of 9 oz. of water

When Before Meets After

Sharing to you my before and after pics after doing the C9 Challenge! I lost 17.5 pounds, I look better, I feel better, I am more active, energized and definitely feel happier! Forever Livings' C9 is more than transforming our bodies. It is actually changing our unhealthy lifestyles and instead provides us with a healthier habit that we can incorporate in our lives forever.

Definitely, my tummy was flatter, I lost a lot of my post pregnancy unwanted fats, my face was smaller, and I had a healthier, better looking skin. Amazing right?

Success After C9 Program

I guess aside from the program itself plus my goals and intentions, what encouraged me to commit to the program was my Forever4u family which supported me throughout Day 1 until Day 9. They check up on me daily, provided me online workout sessions and talks that I can attend, and even encouraged me to continue my healthy habit after C9. Yes, we do need a support system and experts to guide us along the way. So I am very grateful for my Forever Living family, to mention the special ones whom you may follow and consult regarding the C9 Program are Nikolai Ramos (IG: @nikolai.ramos, Mys Sandico, Fit & Lean (IG:, and Jennifer Pagalilauan (IG: @mommshiejenny)

Do you also want to lose that excess weight and get rid of those body unwanted fats? Have you been struggling to achieve a flatter tummy? Then better try out Forever Living C9 Program now because it definitely works. Take control of your appetite, cleanse that gut, and see your body begin to change now!

To know more about the C9 Cleansing program, contact @Forever4u Facebook page and use this code - MamaG

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4 commenti

28 lug 2021

Ang laki nga po talaga ng pinagbago ng katawan niyo po mommy Maite simula ng nag C9 program ka. Dapat po talaga na mas alagaan natin ang ating sarili para mas maalagaan natin at makasama ng mas matagal ang ating pamilya.

Mi piace

judylyn padilla
judylyn padilla
28 lug 2021

Galing mo mommy and im sure hndi lang ang sarili mo ang na motivate mo kundi kami rin dahil gusto din nmin ma try yan c9 cleansing 😍 you lost 17.5 pounds sa loob ng 9days at talaga namn po nkaka amaze yun .. talagang c9 cleansing + exercise and less un healthy food talaga ...

Napaka gandang progmam po ito ng healthy living po ..

Mi piace

27 lug 2021

Super na amaze ako dito sa Forever Living C9 mommy, ang laki po ng pinagbago ng katawan niyo in a healthier way. Iseshare ko rin to sa mga kakilala ko na gusting pumayat but in a healthy way.


Mi piace

Jeng Manalo
Jeng Manalo
27 lug 2021

I love your before and after pictures mommy Maite and I am so proud of you. If we really motivated from what we are doing we really control what we eat , and as a mother kaylangan nating maging conticious sa ating mga kinakain at lalo na sa ating health hindi lang para sa ating kundi para na sa rin sa mga taong mahal natin. Welcome sa more healthier and sexier mommy Maite

Mi piace
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