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Enjoy Exciting Perks when you join the Shopee-exclusive Reckitt Brands Membership

Take Advantage of exciting treats and unbeatable deals when you join your favorite

Reckitt Brands Membership on Shopee!

It is a fact that milk has numerous benefits to the body, both for the young ones and even for adults. It is very nutritious because it is packed with vitamins and minerals. Not only does it help give the proper nutrition to one's diet, it also supports in the development of the body especially in the formation of our bones and muscles. Since it is high in protein, it may reduce the risk of age-related muscle loss. That is why we are always on the lookout for milk products because this nutrient-rich beverage is beneficial to everybody.

With this, we can say that milk is somehow a necessity especially for those who are focusing on their overall health are are after it's benefits. And this is the very reason why many of us are always on the lookout for promos, deals, and discounts on milk products because milk definitely are not sold very cheap.

This is why I love buying my favorite milk brands from Shopee because not only do they offer several brands at discounted prices, but you can find products sold at lowest price guaranteed. Especially with milk products, you can really get good value for your money because they offer different milk products in bundles for a lower price. This definitely gives me bigger savings at the same time allows me to shop for trusted brands at my convenience. With just one click, I can have milk products for my children for myself, and for my parents delivered directly to my house! Practical and hassle-free indeed right?

Keep your family healthy with these must-haves from Reckitt and sign up for your favorite Reckitt brands membership on Shopee to avail unbeatable mas mura deals for the whole family. Here are 3 easy steps to join the Shopee-exclusive Reckitt Brands Membership:

1. Download the Shopee app and head on to any of the official Shopee stores of Reckitt (Enfagrow Official Store, Lactum Official Store, Provital & Sustagen Adult Milk Store, Veet Official Store, Reckitt Wellness PH Store, Lysol Official Store)

2. Locate the "Membership" tab on the menu bar and click "Join Membership Now."

3. Verify your details and accept the T&Cs.

4. Claim 100 bonus points upon sign-up.

Avail exciting treats and unbeatable deals when you join your favorite Reckitt Brands Membership on Shopee! Head on the any of the Reckitt brands' official stores on Shopee and stock up on essentials and other favorite go-to items from Enfagrow A+ Four, Lactum 3+6, Sustagen and Provital Adult Milks, Lysol, Durex, Veet, and Mortein.

Sharing with you some of the amazing Reckitt products and their corresponding Shopee links that you must definitely add to your Shopee carts and check out:

1.) Enfagrow A+ Nurapro Gentlease 3+ 4.8kg (1.6kg x 3) Powdered Milk Drink for Kids Above 3 Years Old

Packed with a unique combination of PHP, MFGM Pro and DHA, the Enfagrow A+ NeuroPro Gentlease is easy to digest and less allergenic, making it the perfect companion for parents with children up to 3 years of age.

Here us the direct Shopee link:

2.) [Online Exclusive] Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro 12kg (2.4kg x 5) Powdered Milk Drink for Kids 3+ Years

Made with the highest levels of DHA, Enfagrow's A+ Four NuraPro is made with Brainergy Complex® that helps support your child's brain development. It also contains HMO to support gut health, helping your children ready to seize the day whether at school or playtime with friends.

With proper nutrition and stimulation, this is the only one with the powerful brain-boosting combination of MFGM Pro and superior DHA levels to help raise your child’s IQ and EQ advantage, plus HMO 2’-FL to help support the immune system. Also, this is the only one with MFGM Pro and superior DHA levels that helps nourish your child’s IQ and EQ.

Here us the direct Shopee link:

3.) [Online Exclusive] Enfamama A+ Chocolate 1.05g (350g x 3) Milk for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms

Support a pregnant mom's journey to motherhood right from the very start with Enfamama A+ which contains key brain and immunity-boosting nutrients. Enfamama A+ helps nurture pregnant moms and their growing babies with the help of key brain and immunity-boosting nutrients. Enfamama A+ contains the highest level of DHA and is a good source of Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Choline and Iodine. It also has added fiber to ease mothers' constipation concern and support gastrointestinal health. Every mother-to-be needs to stay extra healthy during their pregnancy. Because of that, it is essential that you get all the nutrients that you need for you and your child. Let Enfamama A+ keep you and your baby strong and healthy all throughout your maternity journey.

Here us the direct Shopee link:

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