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Achieve the Beautiful You with Diana Stalder Derma Clinic

Do we need to visit our dermatologist during this time of pandemic? Is it safe to get our face, body and skin treatments? Is skin and self-care necessary despite the health crisis that we are in? Should we give priority to ourselves, our confidence, image, lifestyle and our beauty?

The answer to these questions is a big YES. Especially when Diana Stalder Derma Clinic is our partner when it comes to our wellness and beauty with a promise of a better you, and a more beautiful natural you.

During this pandemic, we have regularly been washing our hands and using alcohol on our skin more frequently than we normally would. We have also been wearing face masks and face shields every time we go outside our homes. Also, since we are mostly staying at home, we are prone to eating more and living a more relaxed comfortable lifestyle, too relaxed in fact or too preoccupied that we don't give to much effort and attention to beauty routines and self-care regimens.

Is it SAFE to visit Diana Stalder Derma Clinic?

Yes it is! In Diana Stalder Derma Clinic, preventive measures such as social distancing and healthy, hygienic practices and safety protocols are prioritized and strictly implemented.

Also, dermatology patients are given their separate appointments and schedule is strictly followed according to the time allotted for them for consultation and treatment. This is to further practice adequate social distancing and limit the number of individuals inside the clinic. And lastly, the derma clinic rooms are properly cleaned and sanitized well before every patient comes in.

Let us NOT use the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to not care for oneself

Indeed it is a fact that this pandemic has caused most of us to delay caring for our skin, having a proper diet or even doing some exercises to maintain a good health. In other words, many people, who are at the comforts of their home, lost track of taking care of oneself as they allow themselves to get carried away by stress. In effect, their skin looks dull, dry and tired. Wouldn't you want to have that glowing skin that simply gives you self-confidence and beauty? I know I want, and so I decided to try out their Slim Line Treatment.

What is Diana Stalder Slim Line Procedure?

Diana Stalder Slim Line Procedure is classified under the body treatment service. It tones the muscles by producing involuntary contractions to re-educate muscles with poor tone condition and firmly strengthen and contour the body. As the muscles contract, it stimulates blood and lymph circulation and speeds up the digestion process. One session of this procedure, which is around twenty (20) minutes is equivalent to doing 250 push-ups! And so after the procedure, I lost almost half an inch already! What I loved about the procedure was that none-surgical, very relaxing and easy to do! And the health professional that did the procedure on me was very friendly and explained every step done! Definitely a must-try procedure!

What are other Treatments and Services?

To name a few, here are some of the most loved procedures and services offered by Diana Stalder Derma Clinic:

Diana Stalder Diamond Supreme Plus is a treatment which helps in exfoliating the

skin, lightening acne scars and skin pigmentations. It also includes premium Casmara

ampoule that provides the skin nutrients to repair and nourish our skin using gentle and

deep penetrating massage.

Diana Stalder Dermalift is an Electrotherapy treatment, which generates Micro

currents of the direct current variety (DC). This current is passed through the facial

tissue for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. A non-surgical treatment for firming, lifting

and toning of facial muscles, due to smooth contraction of the muscle fiber.

Aside from taking care of our skin, we must also keep our nails healthy and beautiful

with Diana Stalder Signature Hand and Foot Spa. It is a combination of Manicure and

Pedicure with Foot Reflexology to introduce deep relaxation of the muscles tissues and

a great source of boosting energy as it clears blockages that improves the blood flow.

Diana Stalder also offers FACE WHITENING KIT as your take-home remedy to lighten

the uneven skin tone and to prepare your skin for that perfect summer getaway!

Diana Stalder Clinic gives Quality Skin Care Products

Diana Stalder promises to enhance our natural beauty, devoid of invasive procedures and uses only quality skin care products. It has an impressive line-up of products which are time-tested formulations focused on customized skin care delivered by well-trained health professionals.

You can book a dS SPArty with your Friends

Yes you heard right! You can now book and host a SPArty with your friends and just enjoy a relaxing self-care day for a more beautiful you! They accept a party for up to six (6) pax only to maintain safety health protocols.

And while waiting for your appointment, you may also visit dS Café which is just beside the derma clinic!

Healthy Options at dS Café

The dS Café is a healthy food and beverage hub, offering a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food, consisting mainly of organic greens, protein-rich dishes with fibrous brown rice, zesty healthy sandwiches, and fresh fruit juices at an affordable price.

What I loved about dS Café?

  1. practices safety protocols

  2. relaxing ambiance

  3. sells organic and healthy food packs which you can take-home

  4. has good brewed coffe

  5. delicious and tasty dishes

  6. offers fresh salads and sandwiches

  7. you will be greeted by very polite and accommodating staff

  8. very clean and always sanitized

  9. location is not a crowded place

  10. you can dine-in and chill here while waiting for your appointment in Diana Stalder derma clinic.

Definitely, dS Café offers us healthier options without sacrificing the taste. And this café reminds us that we deserve some "ME" time and that includes eating delightful dishes while getting the right nutrients that your body needs! I highly recommend that you visit this place and feed yourself good, healthy food!

You may also visit Diana Stalder clinic for a free skin analysis and counseling by a

skilled Therapist. To learn more of Diana Stalder’s products and services, visit the official website at and follow us on our social media accounts;

Facebook:, Twitter: @Diana_stalder and

Instagram: @dianastalder. You may also visit Diana Stalder at Gateway Mall,

Basement 2, Araneta City Cubao. Contact us at (02)351.0299 | +63 917 6218468.

So what are you waiting for? Visit dS Café and live a healthier lifestyle! Get that facial to refresh your skin, get that treatment that you deserve, visit Diana Stalder to achieve the better, more beautiful you.

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Mar 19, 2021

Ang ganda naman po magpa treatment dito kay Diana Stadler. Ang ganda ng place at talagang napaka accomodate nila sa kanilang guest. At may katabing Cafè para habang naghihintay ng appointment eh pwede ka tumambay dito at maraming inooffer na maraming masasarap at organic na food.


Ang ganda at love the ambiance. Sana soon makapag paderma din. 😊 Gusto ko yung habang nag hihintay ka nandun ka sa coffee shop at nag rerelax ❤️


Ganda naman diyan Mommy, dahil bulod sa mga Slimming treatment and skin care products.May food treats pa..


Antoniette David
Antoniette David
Mar 19, 2021

Wow perfect naman pang me time ang lugar na ito ma lalo na sa mga gustong magrelax at mag enjoy 😍😍😍


vivian lazo
vivian lazo
Mar 19, 2021

Agree mommy Achieve ang beauty talga with here safe place to visit dahil sa healthy protocols, they offer Organic and narural food sa mga guest at pwede pang mgdine in sasarap pa ng mga dish and galing mommy ng slimming effects nila super effective

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