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3 Days Meal Plan Challenge with GrabFood PH

Learn how you can effectively and conveniently plan your family's daily meals with GrabFoodPH thru their best and most sulit deals and bundles that you and your family can bond over and enjoy to your heart's content!

What is meal prepping? It is preparing food in different ways and organizing what to eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner. And as a mother of 3, that includes my 2 girls and my biggest boy who is my husband, yes I consider him as one of my kids, preparing and cooking for my family's daily meals takes a toll of my time and by the time I finish, all of us are rushing to eat so that we can all get back to our daily busy routine which is work, online schooling and what have you. And this sacrifices a lot of family time, instead of being able to talk and bond while eating and simply just enjoying our meals together. So if there is an easier, faster and more convenient way of planning our meals, yes I would definitely GRAB it.

Good news! There is!!! There is GrabFood PH and it offers a lot of sulit deals and bundles, promos, free delivery and discounts!

To celebrate the International Day of Families, I joined the 3 days #GrabFoodMealPlanChallenge ! And for these 3 days, I was able to relax, spend more quality time with my family during meal time, have meaningful conversations over hearty meals and last but not the least, my husband and girls were able to treat themselves with their favorite food from the different restaurants in the Philippines! Mechanics you ask? Just plan our meals for 3 days using GrabFood and of course, I enjoyed this challenge a lot because I was able to do this while getting big savings thru their different sulit offers!

Sharing to you the sulit meals that we were able to purchase from GrabFoodPH for 3 days!


For breakfast, we ordered the Promo & Bundle of Pancake House which costs only P399! In this bundle, you have the option to mix and match any two plates of your choice plus you get 2 Minute Maids for free!

For lunch, we got the promo sulit saver from Yellow Cab, which offers 3 pizzas for only P699!!!

For dinner, we ordered from one of my favorite chicken restaurants, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken where we got the promo & bundle offer of Peri Grupo Feast that allowed us to save P641! This includes the chicken, past, 2 sides, tortilla, fries and 1L house blend ice tea for only P999!

Day 2

For day 2, we were able to avail of the FREE DELIVERY promo with a minimum of P550 order!

For breakfast, we ordered the Subway Savers from our favorite sandwich restaurant, Subway!

For lunch, we ordered everyone's favorite chicken from Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings. Highly recommended are their Buffalo and Salted Egg flavored chicken! Yes, the best!

And for dinner, we ordered from Pho How Vietnamese Noodle House and we did of course enjoyed our Pho and our rice paper spring rolls!

Day 3

And finally the last day of our #GrabFoodMealPlan Challenge! And yes, it was also the last day of school of my eldest daughter! And so I asked her what are the 3 things she wanted to eat for the day since it was her special day. She said she wanted McDonald's for breakfast, Korean food for lunch and a chocolate cake!!! And that was exactly what I ordered from GrabFoodPH ! Again, I was able to avail of their bundle offers and delivery discount!

Breakfast from McDonald's

Lunch from Happyfoods Group Korean Restaurant

Cake from Red Ribbon

Truly, GrabFood has become my best friend because it has helped me, as a mother, in so many ways! They have been my partner and guide when it comes to preparing and serving delicious meals to my family in a fast and convenient way!

Every meal planned for these 3 days felt like a celebration of my family because aside from the big savings, my family and I enjoyed bonding over the delicious, hearty meals and this made our relationship with each other stronger.

So better check out GrabFood now and grab their best and most sulit deals and bundles that you and your family can bond over and enjoy! Satisfy your family's cravings by grabbing the food you love at the comfort of your homes!

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13 Komentar

Very convenient itong ginawa ni grabfood. We can it fancy food at the comfort of our home. Nakakatakam naman ang mga inorder mo mommy. Nakakaenganyo talagang umorder sa grabfood. Safe and clean.


17 Mei 2021

Pagdating talaga sa meal planning kailangan eh iba iba at talagang ma eenjoy ng family ang food na maihahain mo kaya buti na lang andyan si Grab food para sa mga busy moms na walang time makapag luto ng foods.


Super reliable talaga ang Grabfood when it comes to food deliveries, ang bilis pa ng service nila. By the way Mommy, ang sasarap ng foods nyo. 🥰


Nylyduj Allidap
Nylyduj Allidap
16 Mei 2021

Kaya talagang the best ang grab food..

✅ Very convenient

✅ Hassle free

✅ Discount

Affordable price pa po..


Nylyduj Allidap
Nylyduj Allidap
16 Mei 2021

Happy eating at great bonding po ang buong family sa grabfood..

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